Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt

Have a handful of paint chip samples around the house, or heading to the local hardware store? Here is a great way to reuse those samples next time you go for a hike with your tyke. 


  • Handout paint chip samples to your child, I like the ones with multiple colors on one card. Tell them to look high and low for colors in nature to match their cards. 
  • Remind your child the items MUST be from nature, no colors from shoes, jackets, signs. 
  • No picking items, leave flowers and other items for the next person to enjoy. 
  • Look on and off the trails


  • Punch holes into the cards and place on a ring for easy carrying.
  • Laminate the cards for future use.
  • Store cards in ziplock bag and keep in the car for road trips.
  • Keep record of all the colors you find, and what items matched. Try writing the matched items on the back of the sample, and store in nature journal. 
  • Bring your child to store to pick out colors, the y will probably pick the more exotic colors and you will be surprised what colors you will find on your hike. 


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