Sunday, April 14, 2013

Adventures at a Nature Center: Why you should connect with your local NC


Sunday was a wonderful day for exploring, signs of spring were finally showing up! I headed over to one of our favorite places to "unplug" and explore, Stamford Museum and Nature Center. We joined Miss. Lisa on a short hike to see some vernal pools, and then assisted in moving wood frog eggs to deeper water before they dried up in the sun

The center is situated in the woods of North Stamford, Ct the 118 acre property is home to 10 acres of working farm, 80 acres of trails, a planetarium, an amazing natural wood playground, and an interactive nature center. The center offers numerous weekly activities, a great summer camp, and seasonal festivals. I highly recommend getting a family membership if you plan on going more then twice a year.

Connecting with you local nature center

As a naturalist I have been involved with nature centers for about 10 years now, my day could consist of leading scout programs to traveling to school with menagerie of animals. One statement that I probably hear on a daily basis is, "WOW! I never knew this place was here!" It is always a shame that nature centers go overlooked by so many families, because it has so much to offer. 

What is a nature center? 
- Generally a nature center is a place where young people and adults can share a firsthand experience with nature.

- The term may indicate a preserve, wildlife refuge, park, interpretive center, zoo, botanic garden, museum, aquarium, environmental education center, or nature trail to name a few examples.

- Nature centers are found all over the world and allow visitors to experience every type of ecosystem on Earth.

Why should I go to a nature center? 
1. Nature centers can provide an awareness of your local ecosystem, that you may not already have. 
2. Nature centers can provide information about local and global environmental issues, and help you get involved with these solving these issues. 
3. Nature centers can foster stewardship of the environment. 

Find a nature center This link should help you easily find your local nature center by entering your zip code, and a mile raidus you are willing to travel. 

and for more info about the Stamford Museum and Nature Center

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  1. Awesome pictures; sounds like a lot of fun! now following! Please visit soon! Hope you have a great day!